Mile high masturbation

I fly a lot. And most of the time it’s a long flight, 5 hours or more. That’s a long time to sit still and watch old movies. Not to mention that flights usually mean that I haven’t seen Amor in a while or that I’m about to go somewhere where I won’t be able to see him for a while. That’s probably why, on a recent transatlantic flight, I decided to pass the time by masturbating. Not in the bathroom – it’s just rude to hog those things when a plane full of people only has 4 to use. No, I stayed right in my seat. The guys sitting next to me were asleep, conveniently wearing a night mask. And it was chilly in the plane so no one questioned why I completely covered myself with my blanket. I propped one foot on the hand rest of the seat in front of me and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans just enough to get one hand in position. The blanket was stretched from my raised knee over my body and tucked behind my other shoulder. I tested things slowly at first, making sure that a passing stewardess wouldn’t notice any movement under my blanket if I moved my hand ‘just so.’

Confident that I was being as discreet as possible, I relaxed and slowly started running my index finger around my clit. I closed my eyes but couldn’t help worrying that the whole plane was staring at the slut in seat 34 C so I opened them again to keep watch. I moved my leg a little to mask the movement of my hand as I reached farther into my pants to feel my wetness. I pushed two fingers as far inside me as my tight jeans would allow, swirling them around until they were soaked. I couldn’t help licking my lips thinking that if I was this wet already just from touching myself for a few minutes in the plane I would definitely be cumming endlessly when we finally landed and I saw Amor again. I pulled my hand back up, spreading my wetness across my lips and my slightly swollen clit. I pinched it between my thumb and one wet finger and tapped and rubbed it with the other. No longer as worried about being discreet, I brought my other hand under the blanket and reached under my bra to grab a nipple. I was full out masturbating in a completely full airplane, right next to two guys.

I tried to keep my hips still and my breathing quiet as I got closer and closer to orgasm. I closed my eyes, imagining (no longer worrying) that everyone was watching. Not just watching…in my head everyone wanted to join in. There were people pulling my shirt off, grabbing my breasts and sucking my nipples. Endless cocks were presenting themselves for me to suck, spilling their loads across my face and chest one at a time. Amor was there, teasing my swollen pussy lips with the head of his cock. I almost begged out loud for him to fuck me as I kept imagining more cocks to suck. Now there was a hot stewardess on her knees alternating licking Amor’s cock and my pussy. I was sweating under my blanket, ready to cum as I started thinking about Amor’s cock finally pushing inside me as the stewardess licked his balls. I couldn’t help shuddering a little as I climaxed, but when I opened my eyes the two guys sitting next to me were exactly where I had last seen them, totally asleep and oblivious to what was going on next to them.


2 responses to “Mile high masturbation

  • Leah

    One of my long standing fantasies is to have mile high sex. In its absence, I have masturbated before on flights imagining. I think of a hasty fuck up against the sink in the locked bathroom. I think of straddling a man as he sits on the toilet. We move within tight, enclosed spaces: the lavatory, my pussy. Better still, I could suck the semen from my seatmate’s cock while we cruise at altitude, a slow blowjob conducted in the presence of a hundred others. If it’s an undersubscribed redeye, my lover and I might pull up the handrests and spoon on a row of seats in the back of the plane and manage a surreptitious encounter beneath the cover of blankets. The engines drown out the sounds of our gasps. Picturing the scenario, it’s a struggle to keep silent, to relax the muscles in my face, to maintain my equanimity while I am in the throes of a self-induced pleasure. I rub and rut against a hand (mine) when it’s a cock that’s needed (his). I suspect that the people around me smell my arousal, but no one says anything to break the spell or disrupt my movements.

    Thanks for letting me relive the experience vicariously through you. It’s a hell of a ride. It’s a hell of a post — possibly my favorite so far.

  • Rafi

    Wow – I always end up sitting next to guys who have nothing of interest for me – nothing like a good looking woman who decides to masturbate next to me. I’m pretty sure if I was sitting next to you – I wouldn’t be sleeping. Oh well – happy flying.

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