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Sensory overload

Well, I finally got my laptop back, so no excuses! I’ve been meaning to write about the new toy Amor got me for Christmas, but I’ve been kinda busy 😉 Well, I’m back home and all alone again so I’ll have plenty of time to ‘reflect’ on all the fun I had this winter.

I actually got my present early, a few days before Christmas. Amor wanted to test it out, to see how I responded to the 10 (or was it 20?) different settings, to see how loud it was inside me and how long it would take me to lose control. Just hearing him bring up the bullet after all that anticipation was making me so wet we barely needed lube to get it inside me. It nestled comfortably against my gspot and I laid back, naked, shimmied my hips and smiled, letting him know I was already incredibly horny and ready to get started. He pushed the button once and the little machine buzzed to life. Its rhythmic pulses were not as strong as I expected, but I was already so horny from the anticipation that I was bucking my hips and moaning within seconds. Amor pushed the button again and the rhythm changed. The change gave me a few moments to catch my breath before the new stimulation had me moaning again. He let me enjoy it just for a few seconds, then changed the setting again. It went on like that until we had gone through all the settings. I was mad with lust. He shuffled through until he found the one he thought got the best reaction out of me. He asked if that was my favorite setting but I was so close to cumming that I couldn’t answer. When I was just about to finish he turned off the vibe and pulled it out. I was almost crying from frustration, begging him to make me cum. Since I wasn’t going to tell him what my favorite setting was, he was going to fall back on what he knew I liked, he teased, pulling out his cock. I don’t think he pumped more than three times inside me before I was cumming on his cock and dripping onto the sheets. He pulled out and I licked his cock clean.

He pulled out his laptop and let me lay there for a minute to recover. I was totally dazed, I didn’t even notice what he was doing. Eventually he turned his laptop around so I could see the big Kink.com castle displayed on the screen. I can’t usually cum right after times so I assumed he wanted us to watch some porn while I sucked his cock. I lay my head on his stomach so that we were both facing the screen and started licking the tip of his still-hard cock. The video started and we settled in to enjoy. As the action slowly built I took his cock deeper into my mouth, licking and sucking with gusto and caressing his balls with my hand. Soon my pussy, still wet from my last orgasm, started melting again from the combined excitement of sucking cock and watching porn. Damn would I love to be Chloe, kneeling with hands tied to a chair so that my mouth couldn’t go anywhere besides down on top of a hard cock! Amor had his hands in my hair now, pushing my face down onto his cock, and my swollen pussy lips and clit were throbbing with new arousal. “Is sucking my cock making you horny again?” he teased. I was about to nod yes when he reached over and pinched my nipple hard, twisting and pulling enough to make me squirm. “Do you want to cum with my cock in your mouth?” he asked as he switched to the other nipple. I moaned and nodded and chocked on his cock.

He reached between my already spread legs and easily pushed the remote controlled bullet back inside me. He turned it on and went back to abusing my nipples with his fingers. With the other hand he helped me keep a steady rhythm on his cock as I started to lose to go crazy again from all the stimulation. A vibe in my pussy, his fingers mauling my nipples, my mouth around his cock, watching porn (and hearing Cloe sucking and getting spanked when I couldn’t see it), and feeling incredibly submissive from Amor’s hand controlling me by my hair – I couldn’t pick which sensation to focus on. As if that wasn’t enough to drive a girl crazy, Amor took the hand I had on his  balls and brought it down to my clit. “Touch yourself slut, make yourself cum again for me.” he ordered. So, I added another sensation to the incredible mix. Every part of me that could feel something was feeling something incredible and every sense I had was focused on one thing: how horny I felt. There were so many things going on that I couldn’t get my brain to concentrate long enough to make myself cum. I just laid there, sucking cock and dripping cunt juices onto the sheets for what felt like a lifetime…the best lifetime I could ever imagine.

I gave up on *trying* to cum and just lived in the moment, enjoying every single feeling, sound, sight and smell. The buzzing against my gspot. The fingers massaging my clit. The delightful pain in my nipples, now alternating with gentle kisses. The delicious cock in my mouth. The strong hand on my head. The sounds Amor and I were making in our pleasure as well as the sounds coming from the laptop. And of course, the incredibly sexy sight of Chloe bound and fucked on screen. Amor pushed my head down as far as he could onto his cock and held it there, cutting off my breathing. I didn’t gag or panic, I relished in the total loss of control. I wasn’t trying to cum and I wasn’t trying to make Amor cum. I was just blissfully aware of both my arousal and his. He wasn’t letting go and I started getting light headed and again, instead of trying to lift my head off his cock I gave in to the sensation. That was enough to push me over the edge without my even realizing that I was on the edge. My pussy spasmed and I came around the relentless little bullet. Amor lifted my mouth off his cock and I gasped for breath as my whole body shuddered and wave after wave of amazing orgasm overtook me and the vibe kept going inside me. As my orgasm was finally subsiding Amor shot a hot stream of cum onto my face.

That made a nice picture for his webcam collection.

Thank you for the Christmas present baby! I think that orgasm made it to my all time top 10! Can’t wait to use our new toy again 🙂


Phone sex for breakfast (Part 1)

I was having a really good dream this morning. It was way past when I should have been up but I was enjoying myself too much. I was dreaming about the sexy Christmas present that’s waiting for me when Amor comes back. In my dream we had gone out for dinner to a pub-style restaurant and were sitting in a booth in the corner. I guess it was after Christmas ’cause I had the little toy hidden in my jacket pocket. Just knowing it was there was making me wet. So, I decided it was time for a little fun. I leaned across the table and whispered to my companion in my naughtiest voice: “I have a little surprise for you if you look under the table.”As he tried to look inconspicuously under the table, I lifted my skirt and hooked my thumbs into my underwear, pulling them all the way down. When they were all the way off I grabbed them with one hand and hurriedly stuffed them into my purse while my other hand made its way to my clit. I played with myself just to keep his attention under the table while I pulled out my toy. I spread my legs to give him a good view as I took the little bullet and slipped it inside me. I fingered myself a little for his viewing pleasure, then fixing my skirt and closing my legs around the toy I handed him the remote across the table. He started playing with it right away, turning the little thing on and off or changing the setting. I slipped out of my sandal and pressed my foot into his crotch to stroke his hard-on appreciatively for the fun he was giving me. We teased each other through the whole meal, not caring if anyone noticed what we were up to.

When we were done with desert (mmm, chocolate!) and had settled the bill he took my hand and led me to the back of the restaurant. He left his jacket, so I left my stuff too. Pulling me into a deep embrace he kissed me passionately. Not letting go of me he whispered into my ear “Do you wanna have a little more fun before we go?” With a mischievous smile I nodded and kissed him again. I could feel his hard-on through our clothes and it was adding to my already desperate arousal. I dropped one hand down to his crotch and started caressing him through his jeans. He didn’t let go as he took a few steps backward and I followed, still eagerly stroking his cock. He pushed a door open with his back and well fell inside. At that moment I was too busy kissing and stroking him to notice where we were. But, when I opened my eyes I realized with a shock that we were in the men’s bathroom. We were in the men’s bathroom making out and groping each other in front of some random guy using a urinal! I giggled in his direction, a little embarrassed and a little aroused at the embarrassment, and headed toward the nearest stall. But Amor held me back. I looked at him puzzled for a second, wondering why he had taken me into the bathroom if we weren’t going to have sex. I still didn’t get it when I saw him start to unfasten his belt and pull down his fly. As he pulled out his hard cock he turned the toy up to its maximum setting. My knees buckled from the combination of the hard vibrations, the sight of his hard cock, and the excitement of what I thought we were about to do. It was all I could do to keep from falling to my knees and taking his cock in my mouth. But, the other guy, who had stopped to watch now, was making me hesitate. So, Amor growled into my ear: “Tell me what you want.” Of course he knew what I wanted, after all he knows how much I love to suck his cock. He wanted me to say it for our ‘audience.’When it took me a second to respond he flipped up my skirt, exposing my naked ass and cunt, and started tracing light circles around my clit with his fingers.

“I want to take your hard cock in my mouth and suck it until you cum on my face!” I said breathlessly as the first wave of an orgasm overtook me. He held me until I was done, letting me slip gently to my knees when it was over. The vibe was going much slower now, he must have changed it while I was cumming. I looked up at him and smiled, showing my appreciation with my eyes as I started to pay him back with my tongue. My skirt was still pulled up over my ass, and I arched my back to present it to him and to our surprised guest. I moaned appreciatively as I sucked and licked his balls while stroking his hard-on with my hand. Slowly I made my way up to his shaft, licking every inch before moving to his head. I took my time, putting on a show. Pressing my lips around his head I slowly took his length inside me: inch by inch until he was as far down my throat as I could take him. I sucked him slowly for a few minutes, speeding up the pace every few strokes. Every moan and grunt he made, every time he shuddered with pleasure my arousal grew. He brushed his fingers through my hair, lightly grabbing a handful. Even with the light grip the feeling of being controlled made me ready to cum again. His cock muffled my moans of pleasure as I continued to suck. Suddenly his grip tightened and he growled “Make yourself cum again for me while I fuck your face.” He upped the power on the vibe again as I brought my hand down to my clit. Without warning he started pounding his cock into my mouth, holding my head still with hands. One hand rubbing my clit, the other squeezing my nipples through my shirt, chocking on Amor’s hard cock as he face-fucked me in front of a stranger, I couldn’t help cumming again in seconds. My orgasm must have set him off because, before I was done riding it out, he pulled my head back hard by the hair and shot his load all over my face. And I kept cumming and cumming while he held me there, on my knees in a public bathroom.

It took a while for me to recover enough to stand up, and then only with his help. The other guy was still there and for I have no idea why I decided to flash him for a second before melting into Amor’s arms. His expression was priceless! Eventually the guy left, probably to tell his friends why he had been in the bathroom so long. Amor held me for a while, whispering how much he loved what we just did. When I was ready he said it was time to go. I rearranged my skirt and reached for a paper towel to wash my face, but he stopped me.

“I like it when you wear my cum.” He said, tapping my lightly on the ass to push me in the direction of the door. I could feel my face turn bright red as we walked, hand in hand, to get our stuff from the other side of the restaurant. On the way out I spotted our new friend at a table with a few other people. Forgetting about my embarrassment and giving in to a fresh desire for some naughtiness, I stopped nearby to smile and wave. I skipped a little to catch up to Amor as he was leaving. When we got into the car he turned up the vibe again and ordered me to lift up my skirt and play with myself while we head to the next part of our date. In the quiet car I could hear the toy buzzing. As it got louder my pleasure increased. Buzz….Buzz….Buzz…

Groggily I realized that I had left my phone on vibrate last night and that’s what was making all the noise. I reached over, a bit frustrated at being awoken from such a nice dream, and glanced at the caller ID. It was Amor. What perfect timing.

To Be Continued

(Bits of this are shamelessly lifted from the video I linked in this post, but what can I say, it’s a hot clip and it gave me sweet dreams 😉 Also in the original dream there was definitely some spanking involved on the part of our new ‘friend’ but I couldn’t really remember what happened so I left that part out. Feel free to add it in a comment!)

Randomly horny

I’ve always been a very sexual person. I masturbate a lot and I love to have sex. So that’s why it’s so hard for me to believe how incredibly horny I’ve been since starting this blog. I didn’t think it was possible to be much more into sex than I already was. But, for the past week I feel like all I’ve been doing is thinking about sex. Thinking about good sex I’ve had, fantasies that I have yet to live out, porn I like, sex toys I have and sex toys I want, how bad I need to feel a cock in my mouth right now…

It’s this blog. Everything I see I think “Oh, maybe I can write something about that!” and since this blog is about sex after all, that kind of thinking invariably leads to me getting horny and making myself cum. Not that I’m complaining. I’m starting to think maybe that’s what Amor had in mind when he suggested I start this blog. Well, since I’ve spent so much time over the past few days surfing for all things sex and kink related I thought I’d share some of my favorite links 🙂

This photo is so sexy, but you can check out the whole site to find your favorite

These video clips are from a shoot with the incredibly sexy and kinky Tara Lynn Foxx. I *really really* want to try what she did in the coffee shop when I get my new toy 😉

I’m loving this blog by Pygar for his interesting perspective on being a Dom. I’m a sucker for nice guys.

I’m drooling over these cuffs that you can use in the shower! But, I’m wondering whether they’re strong enough to hold me if I struggle. It just doesn’t feel right if I can get out of it! Anyone out there used these before?


When I was a kid I never looked for my Christmas (or Hanukkah) presents early because I thought that knowing what I was getting would ruin it when I finally got to open them. I think I’ve changed my mind. A and I have been talking about getting one of those wireless remote controlled vibrators for months, you know, the kind that you slip in before you go out and your partner gets to tease you by turning the vibe on and off while you try to act normal. Well, we were talking about it again on the phone earlier today and he just up and bought one off Amazon. So here I was, having a boring day, when he up and tells me what I’m getting for Christmas! And ever since then I’ve been dripping wet thinking about how much fun we’ll have with our new toy. The problem is, Christmas is almost a month away. I don’t know if I can stand the wait! But then I thought about it a different way: Now I have a whole month to enjoy thinking about something we haven’t even done yet. I doubt that will make the actual experience of using it the first time any more exciting, but it’ll definitely make the coming month a bit more fun. 😉