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Sex on a train

Amor likes to play in public. Since there aren’t many kinks I don’t have it’s always fun finding something he is particularly interested in. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing I made him cum harder than he thought possible. It’s such a rush being used to fulfill his fantasy. So the question is, am I being selfish or selfless when I look for any opportunity to play in public?

While we were traveling through Europe this summer, sleeping in hostels and at friends’ houses, we didn’t have as many opportunities as we normally do to make love. Of course, that meant that whenever we could steal some time for ourselves we were bursting with sexual tension and the resulting orgasms were some of the best in our relationship thus far. Once, for example, while riding the train through the countryside we stole into an empty compartment for a few moments of relief. Knowing my lover’s secret desire to be seen, I opened the curtains to allow a full view of the rolling hills and small hamlets along the tracks. Of course, the view went both ways. Amor slowly undressed me, facing me toward the window, showing me off to whoever might look in. When I was naked I bent down to take his already rock hard cock in my mouth and we looked at the passing countryside while I sucked him off. I had been practicing and could get his huge cock almost all the way into my throat (something I’m still working on!) but he didn’t want to cum in my mouth that day. Instead, he grabbed my hair pulled me up to me feet. “Turn around, I want to look at your ass while I fuck you.” He whispered. And, like I said before, there’s something about having a hard cock in my mouth that makes me crave to be dominated (as if I don’t anyway!), so I turned around slowly, head toward the front of the train, profile exposed to the world. I bent at the waist and grabbed hold of the seat in front of me. Legs spread wide, I wiggled by ass, serving up my wet pussy for my Master to enjoy. I turned my head to continue staring at the beautiful scenery passing by, when, in a split second I caught sight of a man waiting to cross the tracks, staring right into our window. I jolt of excitement shot straight through my body as I wondered whether he had seen us and, more importantly, if Amor had seen him and if he enjoyed it. I was out of my mind with lust and it must have been showing because at that moment Amor dipped his fingers inside me and, rubbing my own juices all over my lips gently began flicking my clit. He likes to tease me too. With his other hand he smacked my ass a few times, not hard like I sometimes like it, just enough to make my cheeks jiggle. I ground my hips into his finger and tried to push back toward his cock but he pulled away, wiping his fingers on my ass. “What? Is there something you want?” He teased. Of course I knew that he wanted me as bad as I wanted him, but I was the one who had to beg. I told him, in as much detail as I could, what I he already knew I wanted. I begged him to fuck me, I said I needed to feel his cock inside me so I could finally cum. I said I wanted to be seen with his cock inside me, and it was true. Honestly, I wished I could be heard begging too. I wanted people to know I belong to him and I please him more than anyone could. When I thought I couldn’t beg any longer, he grabbed my hips with both hands and plunged the whole length of his cock inside me in one motion. I gasped, and taking a second to recover from the pure bliss of finally feeling him inside me, started grinding my hips into him. It had been 2 days since we had had a chance to be alone but he pounded me like it had been years. I turned from the window to catch a glimpse of his face, it makes me melt when I see that hungry look he gets, the one that says ‘I need to fuck you right now, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.’ I stared for a second and we locked eyes. He smiled that little evil smiles he gets sometimes and ordered: “cum for me.” He took one hand off my ass and gently pressed his thumb into my clit while he continued to ride me so hard I could barely walk afterwords. That was all I needed. My head was swimming and my knees were buckling. As my orgasm overtook me I saw through the window that we were just entering a small town. My whole body was shaking and I collapsed face-first into the seat as the waves of pleasure coursed through my body. As I regained my senses I realized that I was still madly grinding against my lover’s cock. In fact, he had stopped moving altogether and was enjoying the view of my ass moving up and down as I fucked myself on his cock. I looked out the window again and saw that we had already left the small town, I wonder if anyone was watching me cum so hard I almost blacked out? After giving me a few moments to recover Amor grabbed my ass with both hands again and continued to pound my tightening pussy. No need to change positions, he knew what he wanted. He talked to me, telling me how sexy my ass was, how he loved watching me cum. Just hearing his husky voice when he was so close to cumming made me melt all over again. I wanted his cum. I have a thing about that. Sure, it’s great when I come, but  I guess it’s my subby side that makes me desperate to make him cum. So I begged. “Please, I need to feel your cum, please let me have it!” Always the gentleman, he was happy to oblige. But not before I told him exactly how I wanted it. And that was a hard choice. Did I want him to pull out and squirt all over my ass and back? That would certainly be a nice picture for anyone looking in. Or maybe I should beg him to let me suck his cock again and have him cum on my face? That way, even after he wiped it off for me, I could feel it there all day. But I decided instead, to ask for him cum inside me. “Please, cum inside me! I want to feel the cum explode from your cock deep inside me and I want to feel it dripping out of me all day.” I begged breathlessly. My pussy would be sore from the rough pounding for days, but the feeling would be even more exquisitely submissive if I could feel our combined juices inside me and soaking my panties all day. He was happy to oblige and within seconds I felt his hot flesh inside me swell with his coming orgasm. He dug his fingers into me as he pulled me deeper onto his cock. Satisfied and spent, he pulled out of me and happily helped me to my feet. As we embraced in a deep hug I felt the first drop of his cum slide slowly down my leg. This was the best train ride ever.


Love for its own sake

What I mean by love, in this blog, is the act of making love. This blog is where I get to tell the world I LIKE SEX! SEX FEELS GOOD! Kinky, dirty, hardcore sex is my personal favorite, but it doesn’t really matter as long as I can make my lover cum all over me or, better yet, deep inside me.
Here’s what I’m thinking: true stories from my past and present; erotica (clearly marked *fiction* in case you’re confused); advice, how-to’s and your questions answered; and, if I feel like it, reviews of websites, books, and sex toys and maybe some other stuff 🙂
I am open to suggestions/requests.

Amor’s request

My boyfriend, who I will call ‘Amor’ because it was his request for me to start this blog, moved far away for graduate school this Fall. Being the horny little slut that I am, this made me very sad. Add to that the fact that I managed to contract some sort of mysterious illness akin chronic fatigue syndrome and have been more or less bedridden since then, I have spent way more time than I thought possible at my computer getting very familiar with all kinds of porn. Videos, pictures, erotica, I even got off shopping for a vibrator on Amazon (more on that later).
Enter Amor. More than a bit frustrated that I was not up to my usual sexually deviant antics (due to my mysterious ailment) during his short visit over Thanksgiving and acutely aware of the fact that he was leaving again on Monday, he suggested that I start a blog to reflect on all the kinky, fun things we have done in the two and a half years we’ve been together so that he could read it when he is far away again. Since I was in a particularly submissive mood at the time (I had just gone down on him, which always makes me feel all warm and subby) I took the suggestion as a bit more…and here I am, proud owner of a sexy blog. So now what, Sir?