Laptop fail

So, about 2 weeks ago my laptop (which had been overheating for a while) melted itself. Literally, something was burning inside it and whatever it was created some horrible, acrid, cancerous smell. I packed it up and shipped it off to the manufacturer (lucky it’s still under warrany) and was told to expect it in 4-7 business days. Well, it turns out (true to my reputation) that I really am death to technology. It was so melted that they even had to replace the outer plastic casing. It’ll be at least another week, probably 2 before I get it back. Meanwhile, the public library and my friends’ computers are not exactly the kinds of places I want to be sitting when I’m wiriting the details of my sex life. So, sadly, I won’t be updating until I get this situation resolved. You can enjoy some of the other great writers on fleshbot while you wait 😉


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