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Mile high masturbation

I fly a lot. And most of the time it’s a long flight, 5 hours or more. That’s a long time to sit still and watch old movies. Not to mention that flights usually mean that I haven’t seen Amor in a while or that I’m about to go somewhere where I won’t be able to see him for a while. That’s probably why, on a recent transatlantic flight, I decided to pass the time by masturbating. Not in the bathroom – it’s just rude to hog those things when a plane full of people only has 4 to use. No, I stayed right in my seat. The guys sitting next to me were asleep, conveniently wearing a night mask. And it was chilly in the plane so no one questioned why I completely covered myself with my blanket. I propped one foot on the hand rest of the seat in front of me and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans just enough to get one hand in position. The blanket was stretched from my raised knee over my body and tucked behind my other shoulder. I tested things slowly at first, making sure that a passing stewardess wouldn’t notice any movement under my blanket if I moved my hand ‘just so.’

Confident that I was being as discreet as possible, I relaxed and slowly started running my index finger around my clit. I closed my eyes but couldn’t help worrying that the whole plane was staring at the slut in seat 34 C so I opened them again to keep watch. I moved my leg a little to mask the movement of my hand as I reached farther into my pants to feel my wetness. I pushed two fingers as far inside me as my tight jeans would allow, swirling them around until they were soaked. I couldn’t help licking my lips thinking that if I was this wet already just from touching myself for a few minutes in the plane I would definitely be cumming endlessly when we finally landed and I saw Amor again. I pulled my hand back up, spreading my wetness across my lips and my slightly swollen clit. I pinched it between my thumb and one wet finger and tapped and rubbed it with the other. No longer as worried about being discreet, I brought my other hand under the blanket and reached under my bra to grab a nipple. I was full out masturbating in a completely full airplane, right next to two guys.

I tried to keep my hips still and my breathing quiet as I got closer and closer to orgasm. I closed my eyes, imagining (no longer worrying) that everyone was watching. Not just watching…in my head everyone wanted to join in. There were people pulling my shirt off, grabbing my breasts and sucking my nipples. Endless cocks were presenting themselves for me to suck, spilling their loads across my face and chest one at a time. Amor was there, teasing my swollen pussy lips with the head of his cock. I almost begged out loud for him to fuck me as I kept imagining more cocks to suck. Now there was a hot stewardess on her knees alternating licking Amor’s cock and my pussy. I was sweating under my blanket, ready to cum as I started thinking about Amor’s cock finally pushing inside me as the stewardess licked his balls. I couldn’t help shuddering a little as I climaxed, but when I opened my eyes the two guys sitting next to me were exactly where I had last seen them, totally asleep and oblivious to what was going on next to them.


Snapshots of my week

OR: Things I want to write about but can’t make myself finish…

It’s late but I’m still asleep. I guess Amor gets tired of waiting so he climbs back into bed to wake me up. He’s just cuddling me, but it’s making me horny. Good thing I’m already naked.

Amor just came on my face. I’m sitting in the tub masturbating myself and he’s thrusting his fingers inside me, smiling. Just a little break before we finish our shower.

We’ve just had sex twice in a row, we’re laying on the bed recovering.We’re face-to-face, holding each other and I feel my chest press up against his as we breathe.

I joke about sucking his cock. Seconds later, I’m sucking his cock đŸ˜‰

We’re sitting together, watching TV. My head is resting on his shoulder and he smells irresistible. I realize I want him again.

We try watching porn together, but we only make it about 3 minutes in. Then we’re ripping each other’s clothes off.

I try writing in my blog every day, but every time I do I get distracted and we end up fucking instead. And all my post ends up unfinished. At least it’ll give me something to do when I go home next week…


Amor came home for the holidays Saturday. So of course, I get my period, I get sick, and we get stuck at his parents’ house. Sigh. He picked me up that afternoon and we got caught in holiday shopping traffic for an hour on our way to his parents’ house for a big family pre-Christmas dinner. It would have been a lot more fun if I hadn’t been feeling like I was about to pass out the whole time. I excused myself for a bit and went to lie down in the guest bedroom where we would be spending the night. Fifteen minutes later Amor came to check on me, looking a bit worried but mostly cheerful. He had brought me a holiday cupcake!

It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other that I was absolutely determined to have some time to ourselves, family celebrations and being sick aside. So I set the the cupcake he had brought me on the nightstand and pulled him down on top of me by the waist. It’s been too long since I’ve felt a strong body on top of me. We kissed and hugged like teenagers for a bit, just enjoying each other’s bodies. But we aren’t teenagers and soon I started thinking about how I’d love to lick his hard cock again and feel it deep in my throat as he came. Like he was reading my mind he started unfastening his belt and telling me how it had been way too long since he’d felt my mouth on his cock. The bed was the perfect height. He stood, with his pants pulled just far enough down to let his hard cock spring out and I laid on the bed, relaxing while I kissed and licked him. Just as I started working him into my throat we heard a whole procession of family members climbing the stairs. In a panic he buttoned his pants and I fixed my hair and we waited to see what would happen. It turned out they were getting towels or something for his baby cousins, but babies are a great mood killer and we just couldn’t keep going after that. Amor went back downstairs while I stayed in bed by myself. I’m not good at being alone when I’m so close to him and so horny, so I was feeling pretty bummed out by evening. And, to top things off, the cat knocked my cupcake onto the floor!

Then, when he did finally come up to bed, he was so exhausted from his early-morning flight and the busy day that he went straight to sleep. Hrumph. So, being the emotional masochist that I am, instead of nudging him and saying, “hey, I really missed you, can we finish what we started earlier?” I stayed up for hours feeling lonely and frustrated. Sigh. Sometimes I piss myself off.

Phone sex for breakfast (Part 2)

“Mmm good morning” I whispered into the phone. “Your timing couldn’t be better”

“Yea? How’s that?” Amor responded.

“Because I was just dreaming about you and I’m really horny.”

We’d been long distance for about 3 months and we still hadn’t figured out the whole phone/cam sex thing. My internet connection is pretty bad so the picture is always freezing and it just doesn’t feel personal enough on the phone. Plus, it’s nice to have two hands free when I’m playing with myself: rubbing my clit with one while putting a finger or two from the other inside me or squeezing my nipples. But, I was horny and he had called and I wasn’t going to let a little thing like distance keep me from enjoying a nice orgasm with my boyfriend.

So, holding the phone with my left hand I started rubbing myself slowly with my right. I was so wet and horny already I could have come in seconds. Instead I avoided my clit, rubbing my fingers inside my slit and over my swollen lips. I wanted Amor to know how horny I was, how badly I wanted to suck his cock and (most of all) I wanted to turn him on and make him cum – even if it was hundreds of miles away. Good thing for me he’s always in the mood. He asked me to tell him about my dream and I retold it with as much detail as I could remember.

“It makes me so wet thinking about sucking your cock in public with that little toy buzzing secretly inside me.” I told him when I was done with my story. It took at least 15 minutes and I was fingering myself the whole time, holding off my orgasm. “I wish I could make you cum right now.” I added breathlessly as I imagined again the feel of his cum on my face. Still half asleep and dazed from the prolonged arousal, I couldn’t think of a way we could make that happen with him so far away. Then he asked the obvious:

“Do you want me to cum for you over the phone?”

Oh God! Just hearing him suggest it made almost tipped me over the edge. I couldn’t resist bringing my other hand down to my clit as I responded in a whisper “Oh please, please let me make you cum!” I thought he wanted me to talk to him, to hear the arousal in my voice as I brought myself closer and closer to orgasm and the gasps that meant I was cumming. But he had something much hotter in mind.

“Do you remember that video I made of us last time you were here?” Do I remember? It was only one of the hottest things we’ve ever done. He was riding me from behind on his bed, gripping my hair for support and giving me an occasional slap on the ass when he leaned over and grabbed his phone from the nightstand. Just when I was starting to wonder what he was doing he let me turn around to see him recording a clip. We didn’t do anything fancy with it, I think the whole clip is shorter than 10 minutes but it was the first time I’d made a sex tape (definitely not the last) and it was incredibly hot. I think about it all the time when I’m laying alone in my bed touching myself because he’s not here to fuck me.

“I want to watch you while I’m getting myself off. I want you to hear how hungry you were for my cock. And, I want you to cum for me again this morning thinking about my cock inside you.” I all could manage for a replay was “Mmmmmm.” I grabbed our toy bag and pulled out two vibes. I wanted to enjoy this to the fullest. I inserted a large purple on and turned it on the the highest setting, the other I held to my clit. With my other hand I went back to squeezing my breasts and nipples.

I few seconds later he had the file playing on his computer and I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex. I recognized his voice better than my own and the sounds of his desire, both on the tape and on the phone were making me light headed with lust. Keeping the phone squeezed between my head and shoulder, I took the hand that was inside me and started furiously rubbing my clit while the other hand shot to my nipple and I started rubbing, squeezing, and pulling on each in turn as I listened to the tape. Then Amor, obviously close to cumming himself, started describing to me what he was watching:

“I can see my cock pushing in and out of your pussy. You’re so wet…that’s so hot.” Mmmm I wish he could see how wet I was right now. “Now I stopped and you’re so frustrated, you’re moving your hips and begging me to keep going.” I could hear my voice through the phone. I could hear him moaning in pleasure but I wasn’t sure whether it was really him or the video. I started to lose control. I was breathing hard now, ready to cum. I heard a smack. Then another. Then my voice again begging for more. I love it when he smacks my ass and I loved it even more when he filmed it. I could barely hold the phone anymore, all I could think about was cumming. The sounds of the video and Amor’s lustful breathing drowned out all other thoughts. Suddenly I heard him sigh and moan and I knew he was cumming. Seconds later I heard him cum on the video. As I imagined his cock squirting hot cum into my we pussy I let the vibes push me over the edge. I came and came for an eternity. My orgasm was so intense I forgot where I was, all I knew was that I was cumming hard. I’ve never been able to make myself feel like that alone. I didn’t think it was possible without a cock inside me. As my orgasm subsided and I began to catch my breath I whispered:

“That was the best breakfast I’ve ever had.”