The title of this blog is Latin for “Love for its own sake.” What I mean by love, in this blog, is the act of making love. This is where I get to tell the world I LIKE SEX! SEX FEELS GOOD! Kinky, dirty, hardcore sex is my personal favorite, but it doesn’t really matter as long as I can make my lover cum all over me or, better yet, deep inside me.
Here’s what I’m thinking: true stories from my past and present; erotica (clearly marked *fiction* in case you’re confused); advice, how-to’s and your questions answered; and, if I feel like it, reviews of websites, books, and sex toys and maybe some other stuff 🙂
I am open to suggestions/requests.


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  • impressed

    Just a quick note, I found your blog on fleshbot and I love it. You have a really honest, natural writing style. I love the latin name and your up-front attitude toward sex. It seems like you know yourself really well and that confidence is really sexy. I wish more people would consider writing their past experiences, thoughts on sex, fantasies, etc. but many wouldn’t have your writing style or appreciation for pleasing their partner that you have. I’m the same way, my pleasure comes entirely from my partner’s pleasure, and I adore the challenge of improving for her. Nice work, I can’t wait for your next post.

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