Practical BJ tips

There are tons of how-to’s and advice columns all over the internet about giving a good BJ. If you’re reading this you’ve probably already seen many of them, so I’ll assume you already know all the basics: about his balls and perineum, about using your tongue, covering your teeth and all the stuff that’s covered in every other oral sex how-to. There are more than enough articles out there about those things, so I’m offering a few ‘practical’ suggestions that are rarely seen in those columns.

If you have long hair, tie it back. First of all, that will give him a much better view of your face and facial expressions (and if you’re doing it right, he’ll love watching). But, more practically, it prevents your hair from getting in your way. You don’t want it in your mouth or getting covered in spit Plus, a simple pony-tail or bun will leave your hands free for his pleasure instead of having to constantly brush aside your hair.

Having trouble controlling your gag reflex? There are two ways to go about this, the hard way and the easy way. The hard (and more traditional) way is to tell your partner that you’re having trouble not gagging then have him help you take him in as far as you can repeatedly until your body forgets to gag. Yea, that’s about as fun as it sounds. The easy (or cheating) way is to buy some sore throat spray – the kind that numbs your throat – and use it 2-10 minutes before you start giving head. Oh the marvels of modern medicine! Just relax your throat and take him deep inside you, no annoying gagging to kill the moment. The best part is, after you use this method a few times you’ll be able to do it with no ‘help’ just as fast as you would have using the tedious traditional method. (NB: don’t use the spray immediately before going down on him, anesthetic and hard-ons don’t mix)

So you’ve heard that you should pay attention to his balls. I remember reading that in Cosmo before I had ever even seen a penis and I remember thinking about it the very first time I gave a guy head. It didn’t help at all. I mean, what does that even mean? I’m sure there are plenty of methods to doing this (feel free to add yours in the comments) but I figured I’d toss in a simple how-to to help you get started. My favorite method is to cup his balls gently from the bottom with one hand then roll them around my palm with my fingers. Imagine a pair of those stress balls that you roll around each other – keep the motion slow and steady. Practical warning: he might tell you he likes it when you squeeze his balls. If he’s not a masochist then he probably doesn’t mean squeeze. You should absolutely never squeeze his balls unless you know whatΒ  you’re doing.

Sucking cock doesn’t really require any sucking at all. I was very confused about this for a while. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to suck, by all means go for it. But, if you make a tight seal with your lips and move your mouth up and down on his shaft he will feel a ‘sucking’ sensation without any actual suction on your part. Actually, I don’t thinking ‘sucking’ adds anything to a good BJ. You’re better off not worrying about how tight your lips are around him and concentrating more on using your tongue (and not using your teeth)!

Watch porn! Why does no one ever say this? Probably because so many guys out there think it’s ok to treat girls like porn stars… Well, in this case I think it’s safe to say go for it. If you’re not big on porn I’ve presorted one of the most popular free porn sites online to show you it’s most viewed oral sex videos. 15 million views can’t be wrong πŸ˜‰

Never given head and kind of grossed out at the thought? There are definitely some people who don’t like it and never will. But don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it. My advice for a good ‘first time’? Talk about it ahead of time, tell him you haven’t done it before and what you’re worried about (for example, if you don’t want him to cum in your mouth, make sure he knows you mean it). Don’t pressure yourself by thinking that you have to make him finish, instead try focusing on getting to know him and his body. Mess around, try different things – dxon’t let yourself get bored! Even if he doesn’t cum from it, he’ll definitely appreciate your efforts and probably show you just how much if you let him fuck you after.

Don’t really like giving head but want to do it anyway? Pretend you’re loveing it, it’ll be over that much faster πŸ˜‰


3 responses to “Practical BJ tips

  • Raj

    Gotta admit I’m curious what’s in your favorites list on Also have you seen this guide? I haven’t shown the gf this link yet, but then she’s not a fan anyway.

    • amorgratiaamoris

      I’m pretty picky about porn and stuff I like on any given day isn’t always the same stuff I’ll like tomorrow…but I might do a post about porn now that you mention it πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for sharing that blog post, there are good and bad tutorials out there and that is definitely one of the better ones! I was going more for tips for people who were already somewhat familiar with the whole process to clarify things that I feel are usually left out or ignored…*shrugs*
      Your gf isn’t a fan of sex blogs, hookers, or of giving head? I know a lot of women who feel really uncomfortable going down on a guy…I’m sure you guys can think of other fun stuff to do though!

      • Raj

        Hah! Yes, yes, and yes. 😦

        Thankfully we definitely are creative enough.

        Good post either way. Looking forward to more!

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