Pull over!

It’s always exciting when we get to go to our favorite beach. The very first time we drove down there he got a speeding ticket because I was going down on him while he was driving. No, the cop didn’t see what was going on, but it was a close call. I just can’t keep my mouth away from his big cock, especially when he’s doing something so nice like driving me to the beach for the weekend!

It’s a four-hour drive, so whenever we go I try my best to break up the monotony with a little sexy fun. One time last Spring I was teasing him, as usual, about how I would love for him to pull over and take me in the back seat. The problem is he drives a sexy little sports car that can barely fit one person in the back. I drive a tiny hatchback so we’ve never actually managed to try out that particular fantasy. So on that Spring day I got a little carried away and it was getting to the point where it wasn’t safe for him to drive. It was broad daylight and the countryside around the highway was flat for miles so there was no chance that we could pull over somewhere and I could use my tongue to fix the little mess I made without getting caught. We decided to pull off the highway onto a smaller country road until he felt safe enough to continue driving. The road wound through a cluster of houses and then into some sparsely populated fields. Because I’m horrible when I’m horny I decided it was safe to start teasing him again – after all, there wasn’t much traffic here. I said it would be incredibly hot if he just pulled over and fucked me by the side of the road. Of course today we might actually do that, but at the time we were still exploring that particular side of our kinkiness. So, since the fields around us were mostly flat, the houses were not too far apart, and the occasional car passed by in the other direction, I figured there was no chance in hell that he would do it. Well, that wouldn’t be much of a story!

We had only been driving down that road for a few minutes and he was getting more and more turned on, when we started to pass a small wood. We considered sneaking in there but decided against it in case there was poison ivy (which neither of us knows how to spot). With one hand on his hard cock and my face pressed into his neck I didn’t see why we stopped. He didn’t say anything, just killed the engine and got out of his car, not bothering to button his jeans. I looked around and saw that we had come to the edge of the wood where it came right up against another field. But, this time it was corn! Between the rows of corn and the wood was a small patch of grass, no more than 15 feet wide and, grabbing a blanket from he back seat, he headed right into it. I followed, a bit unsteady on my feet from all the teasing. The view from the nearby houses was blocked by the trees and the corn but, since the patch of grass was perpendicular to the road, anyone driving by had a clear view. We could have walked farther into the clearing and farther from the road, but he stopped just a few paces in, waiting for me to join him.

We were both too nervous to talk: it was our first time playing out our exhibitionist fantasies. He spread the blanket on the ground while I stripped for him down to a bra and panties. A cool breeze was blowing and it felt incredible on my hot skin. He grabbed me and started kissing me all over while I struggled to get his pants off. I desperately wanted to take him in my mouth where he stood, but as soon as his pants were clear he sat down on the blanket and pulled me down on top of him so I was facing him, kneeling with one leg on each side. I could feel his hot, hard cock against me and I squirmed a little on, rubbing my clit against it through my panties. He let me tease him (and me) for a few seconds longer but then lifted my hips (I love how strong he is!) so instead of feeling his shaft against my clit I could feel his head pressing against my wet panties, ready to plunge inside of me if only the panties weren’t in the way. I moaned with desire – it was so nice to be out in the open, not worried about being heard. He pulled my panties aside so he had full access to my sopping wet pussy and, still holding my hips tightly so I couldn’t force myself down onto him, he started slowly bringing me down onto his cock. It was torture! I was squirming, trying as hard as I could to get him inside me so I could get off. I brought my hand down to my clit hoping to relieve myself in spite of his teasing. I wrapped my other hand around his shoulders for support, thrusting my chest into his face. I love it when he stares at my boobs! When he had brought my hips down all the way and his cock, rock hard from hours of teasing, was deep inside me he let go of my hips, giving me free reign on his cock. He put his hands behind him for support and I grabbed his shoulders with both hands to balance myself while I bounced in his lap. The bra I was wearing gave him a fantastic view of my cleavage and I thrust out my chest making sure it was bouncing as much as my ass. I didn’t want to be on top, I was desperate to cum and I can’t ever do it when I’m in control. I guess that’s what I get for teasing him! Well, I definitely made it up to him. I know how much he loves watching me when I’m this horny, so I rode his cock as long as I could, changing pace and angle several times. First I was straight on top of him riding him hard, then I’d lean back so he could see his cock, slick with my juices, slowly sliding in and out of me. I’d lean forward and push him deep inside me then wriggle and writhe while I reached one hand behind me to play with his balls.

After a while, when I had spent every ounce of energy I could muster he tipped me over onto my back and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he started riding me on his terms. Oh that’s heaven! One hand grabbing my hair and the other roughly fondling my breasts, he rode me hard, his need driving him into a frenzy. We were both seconds away from cumming when he suddenly stopped. I was moaning, frustrated that he had stopped at the worst possible time and trying to grind into him hoping to get the moment back. When I accepted defeat and relaxed he gently pulled out and moved up my body, presenting his cock to my mouth. I immediately began licking every inch of his cock and balls clean of my juices, fresh waves of arousal flowing though my body from the taste. He growled to me to take him in my mouth and I hungrily obeyed. He let me suck him for a short time before deciding he would rather cum fucking my face. He held my head down by my hair and started pushing in and out of my mouth, going deeper with every stroke. I couldn’t help gagging as his cock pushed against the back of my throat. Seconds later he was shooting a huge load into my mouth and down my throat. I continued stroking his shaft gently with my tongue as it softened in my mouth. I savored the taste of his cum until he pulled out and let me swallow. I was still grinding my hips in need and my hands were caressing his body of their own accord. Smiling at my desperate arousal he fixed my panties and whispered “It’s so sexy when  you want me this bad. I want you to stay just like that for the rest of the trip. Just think about all the fun we’ll have when we get home and I get to fuck you all over again.” He was already pulling his pants on while I was still laying there, trying to decide whether to ignore him and make myself cum on the spot. But, my desire to please him overpowered my desire to please myself (besides, it’s so much more fun cumming hard with a cock inside me). Slowly, I sat up and he helped me get dressed. The two hours left of our trip took years. By the time we got home I was mad with lust and we spent the last night of our romantic weekend cumming over and over again.


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