When I was a kid I never looked for my Christmas (or Hanukkah) presents early because I thought that knowing what I was getting would ruin it when I finally got to open them. I think I’ve changed my mind. A and I have been talking about getting one of those wireless remote controlled vibrators for months, you know, the kind that you slip in before you go out and your partner gets to tease you by turning the vibe on and off while you try to act normal. Well, we were talking about it again on the phone earlier today and he just up and bought one off Amazon. So here I was, having a boring day, when he up and tells me what I’m getting for Christmas! And ever since then I’ve been dripping wet thinking about how much fun we’ll have with our new toy. The problem is, Christmas is almost a month away. I don’t know if I can stand the wait! But then I thought about it a different way: Now I have a whole month to enjoy thinking about something we haven’t even done yet. I doubt that will make the actual experience of using it the first time any more exciting, but it’ll definitely make the coming month a bit more fun. 😉


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