Amor’s request

My boyfriend, who I will call ‘Amor’ because it was his request for me to start this blog, moved far away for graduate school this Fall. Being the horny little slut that I am, this made me very sad. Add to that the fact that I managed to contract some sort of mysterious illness akin chronic fatigue syndrome and have been more or less bedridden since then, I have spent way more time than I thought possible at my computer getting very familiar with all kinds of porn. Videos, pictures, erotica, I even got off shopping for a vibrator on Amazon (more on that later).
Enter Amor. More than a bit frustrated that I was not up to my usual sexually deviant antics (due to my mysterious ailment) during his short visit over Thanksgiving and acutely aware of the fact that he was leaving again on Monday, he suggested that I start a blog to reflect on all the kinky, fun things we have done in the two and a half years we’ve been together so that he could read it when he is far away again. Since I was in a particularly submissive mood at the time (I had just gone down on him, which always makes me feel all warm and subby) I took the suggestion as a bit more…and here I am, proud owner of a sexy blog. So now what, Sir?


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